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Your wee ones are interested in their world, but simple household items can be harmful. Keep ‘em safe and prevent poisonings with these tips.DANGER: POISON! Adults understand the serious warnings and menacing symbols that tell you something could be dangerous, but to little eyes and curious hands, these are just meaningless squiggles. Anything chemical or items dangerous to babies, toddlers and young children should be locked high and out of sight, recommends the American Association of Po

What pregnant woman doesn’t have crazy food cravings during pregnancy? And explaining the extra weight gain as “baby weight?” Avoid these foods and eating habits during pregnancy.Sorry – pregnancy isn’t a time to pack on the pounds by caving into ice cream and other cravings. During your pregnancy, you’ll need roughly an additional 300 calories a day, which you can get through nutritious choices, not sugar-laden empty calories.If you’re experiencin

Baby’s here and as you’re settling into nursing you feel cramping again—as if your body is still trying to labor. What’s up with that?These cramping pains are called afterpains and they’re normal. In the days after birth, the muscles of your uterus continue to cramp as they contract down over the vessels where the placenta was attached, helping the uterus return to its normal, non-pregnant size. This is a good thing because a firm, toned uterus after baby’s birth helps c

On just about any day of the year, there are likely more than 2,000 pregnant women in this country relaxing in their beds at their healthcare provider’s request. That’s because 20% of the 4 million-plus pregnancies that progress to birth each year involve some sort of activity restriction. Sounds idyllic but it’s not.Once you’ve had a baby, you dream of the day when you can stay in bed to read a great book, savor private time or just catch some extra zzz’s. But whe

Thinking About Diaper Options Did you know that your baby will go through as many as 3,000 diaper changes from birth through to potty training?Disposable diapers are certainly the most popular method of diapering in the US as they are readily available to purchase and there’s no commitment to launder an outer diaper or inner liner, or dispose of an insert. But convenience comes with a cost—they’re expensive (up to $2,000 per kid through potty training) and e

Like other species, the instinct to prepare for and protect our future young is evident in many expectant moms. Part of it might be nervous energy in anticipation of the unknown of labor and birth.The need to clean, organize and prepare, sometimes in frenetic detail, can really preoccupy some women! At a sensible level, “nesting” is normal and fine, and it serves a definite purpose. So before you polish the knobs on the stove, nest safely with these tips. Safety fir

If a good bra is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of breastfeeding support, read on. Sure, you need the right nursing gear to avoid shoulder aches or ligament strain while feeding your little one. But don’t forget about getting information and the personal contact from experts and other nursing moms during this important time. Get Your Questions Answered During pregnancy, write down your breastfeeding questions—even “silly” ones—and take the

Just home from the hospital, new mom Sara texts her girlfriend, “Okay, I burst into tears twice today and lost it with Tom over nothing! What’s up with that?” Four weeks after the birth of her son, Jane’s mood alternates between sadness and doubt and she ignores friends’ phone messages. Two women, two different experiences.Sara is experiencing what’s often called the baby blues from her changing hormones, fatigue, recovery from birth and new role. Moms like Sara

Who doesn’t want to be pregnant and have just cause to give in to all of those temptations and cravings? Fact is, eating healthy before and during pregnancy is essential to both your health and your baby’s health and development.It’s best to start making quality food choices before pregnancy. Current recommendations start with getting at least 400 micrograms of folic acid each day to prevent the most common birth defects. It’s especially important to start taking folic acid before yo

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