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Muhh muhh muhh. Da da da. You anxiously await baby’s first words. Yet there’s no reason to wait. Start communicating with American Sign Language, adapted for babies and toddlers, before baby’s first birthday.Repeat after Me: What’s Your Sign?Language is taught through repetition; so are baby signs. As early as age 6 months, babies can understand simple signs including their desire for milk, food, sleep—even a pacifier, says Joseph Garcia, an Am

Adjust Your Diet to Combat Picky Eating Want to avoid parenting a picky eater? Start with your own diet, says nurse researcher Mildred Horodynski of Michigan State University’s College of Nursing.Your own eating habits—and whether you see your child as a picky eater has a huge impact on whether your toddler consumes enough fruits and veggies, according to her research in Public Health Nursing. The findings come out of the eating patterns of children up

While there once was a time when dads waited patiently to hear whether they now had a son or daughter, today’s family-focused birthing means dad is front and center for the pregnancy, labor and birth.And the same holds true if you’re not a traditional couple or family—the person you call your partner has an important support role to play in conception, pregnancy and birth.Be Prepared Experts at Lamaze International recommend you join in the adventure with your pre

Can you overcome infertility? At a time when more women are delaying childbearing for their careers, Alice ‘Ali’ D. Domar, PhD, is helping us see you can’t always ‘have it all’ without paying an emotional or physical toll—especially if you want to start a family.As the founder and executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health and an associate professor at Harvard, Ali is a research leader in women’s health— especially infertility. When Healthy

So much for reticence. Unlike the British, we Americans don’t hesitate to rush to Jo Frost—aka Supernanny—with our questions and pleas for domestic peace.   For 25 years, Jo has been rescuing us from our inefficient childrearing ways     with an SOS of her own. “It’s been a beautiful journey here in America with respect to having much love and support from

"Imagine a cough barreling through your infant’s body at up to 100 miles per hour, with enough force to make him gasp for air, again and again, for weeks or even months... and now imagine that you gave this to your baby,” says NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon.His gripping public service video drives home the message that preventing pertussis—whooping cough—only happens when parents and caregivers get vaccinated.Pertussis is potentially fatal to infants. Summer and fal

Leading author Dr. Laura Jana says there’s a new kind of mom emerging—a mom pediatricians call the “combo” mom because she both nurses and bottle feeds breastmilk or formula to her baby. Some experts estimate that by 6 months postpartum more than half of all moms are both nursing and bottle feeding their babies. As a combo mom herself, Dr. Jana shares how a little practicality can sustain nursing in busy lives.Women are told that they need to feed their baby b

Would you do something if it failed 95% of the time? Millions of us do—we diet. But research shows for most people diets are harmful as they eventually regain the weight and more, says corporate wellness coach Sara Armstrong, RN, at Holland Hospital in Holland, MI.When we talked, Armstrong shared how her hospital’s Health @ Every Size, a compassionate wellness program, is creating people with healthy vital signs, positive body image and good eating habits.Wha

The Art of Cooking Baby Food If the thought of preparing your own baby food finds you fleeing headlong toward the baby food aisle at your nearest grocer’s, chef Tyler Florence has you in his sights.Just as he does with Tyler’s Ultimate on the Food Network, this popular chef is engaging parents with an easy-going instructive style to engender a love for lifelong healthy family eating.“Because my wife and I cook with our children daily, they get a c

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