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From birth, protecting and promoting baby’s healthy skin is a daily job for parents and caregivers. Baby’s skin protects them from bacteria and germs, and helps them hold a normal temperature. At birth, your baby’s skin is thinner than yours, and it will continue to thicken and change through their 1st birthday.Babies born before term (37+ weeks) may need as many as 9 weeks after birth for their skin to fully work as a barrier, keeping moisture, so they stay warm and hydrated.

Your late preterm baby born between 34-36 weeks has unique care, feeding and developmental needs; they need you to be their champion.Perhaps baby didn’t wait out those last few weeks of pregnancy before making their grand entrance in this world a little early. Babies born after 34 weeks but before 37 weeks of pregnancy are called “late preterm infants” (LPIs)—as if they could be late for being born early!Almost all (70%) premature babies are born in this time frame. These babies

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