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Vaginal seeding may sound like a good idea in theory, but health care providers are cautioning against it.Have you heard of vaginal seeding? This is a newer practice some women are considering if their babies are born by cesarean. The idea is that they can bless their newborn with the healthy microbes that baby would have encountered had they passed  through the vaginal canal during birth.These healthy microbes, collectively called the vaginal microbiome, are thought to stimulate a baby

Probiotics boast of improving your overall health. But what’s the best way to gain their benefits—and are they safe during pregnancy? If your goal is to maintain a healthy digestion and enough “good” bacteria and other microbes in your intestinal tract (intestinal microbiome) prebiotics and probiotics can help with that.Your intestinal microbiome is a control center for your body’s immune system, brain function and metabolism. So it seems smart that you might want to take

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Are you having a pregnancy emergency? Is birth imminent? There are many reasons your healthcare provider may send you to the hospital birth unit for a quick check.A friend tells you she went to the hospital in what she thought was labor and waited for what seemed like hours before being sent home. You can tell she is fed up and not looking forward to when she goes back the next time.So what can you expect if you get sent to your hospital birth unit during pregnancy, whether you think you

You can drink until the line on the pregnancy test is pink, your girlfriends say. Sounds catchy and you like not putting your life on hold until the magic moment of conception occurs. But you wonder: Are there reasons not to drink alcohol while you’re trying, and hoping, to become pregnant? As with all health decisions, consider the evidence so you can make an informed choice that you can live with later. Here’s what you should know: Does drinking affect my fe

You may think vaccines are just for babies and children but vaccines are an important strategy for staying healthy your whole life. Vaccines stimulate our immune systems to create antibodies against diseases that can cause serious illness, especially at certain times of our lives—like pregnancy and as we age.As adults, we need vaccines, especially if we didn’t get all of them as children. We may need to repeat some vaccines because immunity can fade over time. And, we may get u

How To Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome Holding an inconsolable baby is stressful, and it’s during these times you may be tempted to move from rocking and cradling to shaking when baby doesn’t respond to your efforts to soothe her.Shaken Baby Syndrome happens when a baby’s head is shocked from being shaken so violently that baby can die or be permanently disabled. This can happen in as little as 5 seconds of shaking. Caring for an Incons

Is Alcohol In Pregnancy Safe? When it comes to drinking in pregnancy, you may be hearing mixed messages. You may have heard that there’s no safe time during pregnancy to drink, and no safe amount or type of alcohol. But still you wonder, how could a glass of wine every so often really be harmful?As with all decisions in pregnancy, you should understand the facts behind the advice. Several national studies have shown that the women who are most likely to drink alcohol dur

Are you considering scheduling your baby’s birth? You have friends who have asked for inductions to help with busy family schedules, but you’ve also heard that they can lead to increased complications and even cesarean birth.Fact is, when all is going well, waiting for labor to start by itself has definite advantages for you and your baby.Babies develop on their own timetables, learning to roll over, stand, walk and talk when they’re ready. Similarly, your baby has

STREP (GBS)? GBS is a common bacteria. In healthy people it generally doesn’t cause symptoms or illness. About 1 in 5 pregnant women have GBS in their intestine, rectum or vagina near the time of birth.SO WHAT’S THE RISK OF GBS IN PREGNANCY? The main risk is that if you have GBS you could pass it to your baby during birth. Newborns can’t fight infections like adults. GBS can cause pneumonia or infections in the blood. About 1 in 6 babies who get a GBS infection will hav

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