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Want to keep your pregnancy as problem-free as possible? You know that eating well, exercising and avoiding tobacco and alcohol are important for a healthy pregnancy, but do you know why?These basics are the best and easiest way to prevent possible complications that can arise for you and your baby. Though some complications occur without warning or explanation, simple healthy behaviors are your best insurance for optimal pregnancy and birth outcomes.Also read: 

Picking prenatal tests After learning you’re pregnant, you may be surprised to find that many decisions regarding the health of your baby need to be made sooner than you’d realized. In fact, you’re likely to be asked to make some important decisions at your very first prenatal visit.In addition to choosing healthy foods, and a healthcare provider you trust, you’ll need to choose which prenatal tests are right for you. Many of the tests must be done at specific times during

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ectopic pregnancy but are unsure what it is.Ectopic pregnancy (EP) can be physically and emotionally devastating. So understanding your risks and knowing the symptoms could be more important than you thought—early treatment could save your life and your fertility. An ectopic pregnancy occurs outside of your uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tubes but could also occur in the ovaries, abdomen or cervix. Though this seems hard to

Are you eyeing up that attractive baby sling but concerned about recent news and recalls in the past year related to several popular bag-style, hands-free baby carriers? The infant deaths that occurred left parents and childcare experts deeply concerned about this centuries-old practice that, when done right, has bonding, developmental and practical benefits for mom and baby alike.So, if you’re like most moms and moms-to-be, you’re probably wondering, is babywearing safe

In the hospital, before your baby’s birth, the world revolved around you and your pregnancy. Now you’re home and reality hits – it’s back to life as usual, only now you also have a newborn. You wouldn’t be the first mom to ask: Now what? Here’s what to expect those first few days home.During pregnancy your body physically changed in many ways and now some of those changes are here to stay. If you had a cesarean section, your scar can take months to fully heal. Weight loss happen

If the notion of natural childbirth (NCB) conjures up hours of writhing in pain without any means of comfort, read on. NCB is how your body is designed to birth babies, and for most women, it’s an experience they both endure and learn to respect for the rest of their lives.In the strictest sense, NCB means laboring and giving birth without the use of pain medication or an epidural. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re left to cope with the discomforts of labor all alone. Other, non-d

 You may be surprised to learn that you due date, otherwise called your “estimated date of delivery” (EDD) is rarely accurate.EDDs very much depend on the certainty of the last menstrual period, and/or when the first ultrasound is performed. Still, even when these two things are relatively certain, it’s hard to know when your body will begin to labor. Some women will begin labor prior to their EDD and some will start after it. This typically is not a problem if there are no ot

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