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Breast self-exams are no longer recommended for early detection of breast cancer, but here’s why you should still practice “breast self-awareness.” As new research has emerged, many experts say there isn’t a lot of evidence that monthly breast self-exams help detect breast cancer. However, it’s important to practice breast self-awareness.What exactly does that mean? There’s no special technique; all you need to do is get up close and personal with your breasts and be aw

Learning the ropes as a new mom is tough—and it’s even harder when you have to deal with mom-shaming criticism from those nearest and dearest to you. Have you ever felt judgmental glances from family or friends when it comes to parenting? You’re not alone: 6 in 10 mothers of young children say they’ve been criticized on everything from discipline to breastfeeding, according to a University of Michigan poll.What’s surprising? The most frequent offenders are a mom’s own p

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