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Dreaming of a beach or exotic get-away before baby gets mobile? Before you make big plans, ask your healthcare provider if there are any reasons your baby shouldn’t be traveling by air or otherwise.Then plan. This is no time to be disorganized: Research your destination, create packing lists and pad your itinerary with extra time throughout your journey. Check local travel and weather warnings at noaa.gov, and for international restrictions at

Don’t get down in the dumps helping your kiddo conquer the commode!Experts including the American Academy of Pediatrics agree a positive, gentle approach for potty training is best when you follow this age-appropriate guide: Around 18 months Use the correct words for poop and pee and encourage your child to do the same. Change your child often, and encourage them to come to you when they need a fresh diaper. Avoid referring to poop as “yucky

Folate is super important for moms-to-be! Put these high folate foods on your pregnancy plate for a healthy helping of this vital vitamin.What’s so special about folate, you may ask? This B vitamin is crucial for preventing birth defects of the brain and spine, such as spina bifida and anencephaly. These defects happen in the first several weeks of pregnancy, often before women even know they’re pregnant.Before you plan on becoming pregnant, be sure to get your daily recommended amo

A baby shower is the latest time-honored tradition to get a more modern makeover. Gone are the days of watered-down punch and boring games—nowadays, showers are full-on celebrations that are fun for everyone. Take a cue or two from these creative ladies when it comes time for your own shindig: Thinking Outside the (Pizza) Box Jennifer King (Alabama), mom to Penelope GraceJennifer’s mom and sister were opting for a traditional event until a re

Breast self-exams are no longer recommended for early detection of breast cancer, but here’s why you should still practice “breast self-awareness.” As new research has emerged, many experts say there isn’t a lot of evidence that monthly breast self-exams help detect breast cancer. However, it’s important to practice breast self-awareness.What exactly does that mean? There’s no special technique; all you need to do is get up close and personal with your breasts and be aw

Learning the ropes as a new mom is tough—and it’s even harder when you have to deal with mom-shaming criticism from those nearest and dearest to you. Have you ever felt judgmental glances from family or friends when it comes to parenting? You’re not alone: 6 in 10 mothers of young children say they’ve been criticized on everything from discipline to breastfeeding, according to a University of Michigan poll.What’s surprising? The most frequent offenders are a mom’s own p

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