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Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in Public

Recently, Healthy Mom&Baby have spoken out about nursing or breastfeeding in public on Facebook:

“I feed my baby when he is hungry and I don’t feel the need to hang out at home all day. So, NIP [nursing in public] happens. And if I see someone else do it it’s no different than seeing a mom bottle feed her baby in public. Just move on.” —Jenni Tryon

“It’s very healthy, with cost and time savings! I don’t know why [women] keep avoiding every good habit!” —Manal Azad Kurdi

“I eat in public, why not my baby? We should take offense that others don’t always recognize that this is a meal for my child much the same way they will sit in a park, a restaurant or food court and eat.” —SophiaS

“Breastfeeding babies is necessary and important. When babies feed, they feel safe. Go ahead, don’t stop feeding your baby [in public].” —Samah Madanat

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