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BMI Calculator
Do you know if you are at a healthy weight?

Use our BMI calculator to find out if your weight is in the healthy range. The calculator takes into account your height and your weight, and then determines whether your weight is healthy. If you are pregnant, use the following guidelines to determine if your weight is in the healthy range:

BMIAppropriate weight to gain during pregnancy
19.7 or lower28 to 40 pounds
19.8 to 2625 to 35 pounds
26 to 2915 to 25 pounds
29.1 or higherAt least 15 pounds

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*The tools on do not provide medical advice. They are designed for informational purposes only and may not take into account vital medical information and health specifics. Please consult your doctor about any potential medical conditions that may concern you. The use of any tools on should be for entertainment purposes only.

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