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Champions for Change: You’re Invited!

By Rebecca Britt

Champions for Change: You’re Invited!

Calling all champions for health care change for upcoming Summit in Chicago, October 12-14!

All over the country, we’re hearing about amazing champions who are changing how health care is provided for women in their local communities! This has inspired the Preeclampsia Foundation and other presenting organizations to turn more survivors and people passionate about maternal health into trailblazers at the Champion for Change Summit taking place in the greater Chicago area on October 12 to 14. And you’re invited!

This Summit will cover a variety of topics to improve the effectiveness of the community dedicated to maternal health. Attendees will be empowered through training sessions to take action back to their local communities. Training sessions will include interactive media and storytelling, joining quality improvement initiatives, legislative advocacy, research updates, raising awareness, and educational seminars led by top experts in the field. Connection time, the Champions Dinner, and an award ceremony will all take place to honor exemplary change-makers and families that are at the core of the change we want to see.

Meet the Champions

Champions like Marie McCausland, who experienced painful symptoms days after giving birth. Marie recognized the signs of postpartum preeclampsia from a ProPublica article, and because of her prompt recognition and response, her life was saved. A few months after her near-death experience, Marie contacted her hospital and was successful at getting its quality improvement team to change the discharge instructions to include a list of potentially dangerous postpartum symptoms. Success!

We’re inspired by Marie and her dedication to quality improvement! Marie is our keynote speaker at the Summit and we hope you’ll be inspired too!

Another Champion for Change is Tara Bristol Rouse, a patient and family engagement consultant and the former Director of Patient and Family Partnerships for the Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina. Inspired by her experience of having a severe maternal event and high-risk infant in the NICU, Tara’s work focuses on building partnerships among healthcare professionals, patients, and families.

In Tara’s multiple sessions at the Summit, she’ll break down the steps necessary to become a patient partner and effectively engage in quality improvement for maternal health. In Tara’s sessions, you’ll learn how to:

• share your story in an impactful way to influence health care practices
• decipher which parts of your story to highlight
• develop your elevator speech about why you’re a champion
• understand how a patient/family/provider partnership works
• be empowered to see yourself as an expert and equal member of the team

Your story, experience, and feedback are valuable. We know moms rarely put themselves first, but it’s time to respectfully demand improvement, not just for women’s health today but for the future health of our sisters, wives, and daughters. We can’t wait to see you at Summit!

For more information about this event or to register, visit https://www.1in12.org.

Rebecca Britt is the Community Education & Engagement Manager at the Preeclampsia Foundation at Preeclampsia.org.

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