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Issue 25: Caring for Your New Baby

Smart Nursery Trends

teething 101

Dads & Paternal Postpartum Depression

Cesarean Recovery

Issue 24: Baby’s Safest Sleep

Do I Need a Doula?

Baby’s Safest Sleep

Must Take Prenatal Vitamins

Where Birth is Best

Issue 23: Baby Showers Made Exciting!

Have You Experienced Mommy Shaming?

Would You Consume Your Baby’s Placenta?

Breast Self-Awareness—Do this instead of a self-exam

Bleeding in Pregnancy—what it means; when to get help

Issue 22: Eat More Fish!

Risks of Extreme Exercise

Jana Kramer Sings the Morning Sickness Blues

Maintaining Healthy Hair Down There

Breastfeeding Tips Galore

Diapering Guide Inside!

Issue 21: Meet Your New Roomie!

Oops! Did I Just Leak?

Considering Choices in Birth Places

Post-Birth Warning Signs

Bodacious Baby Names

Latest Safe Sleep Advice

Issue 21 Supplement: Diapering That Nurtures Your Baby

Diapering that nurtures your babies may enhance their:
Physical growth
Emotional wellbeing
Family bond

Issue 20: Prepare for Zika

Fight the Mosquito Bite!

Support our Diaper Drive

Safe baby soothing

Pain Killers in Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Foods

Ask Nurses | Healthy Mom&Baby