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Latest Issue: Postbirth warning signs, new safe sleep advice and more!

Latest Issue: Postbirth warning signs, new safe sleep advice and more!

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From Our Editor:
Stillbirth’s Untold Effects

If you’ve ever lost a wanted pregnancy, you know the physical and emotional pain that follows in the days and weeks after and the anxiety it brings to future attempts to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term and birth.

Losing a pregnancy—a baby—isn’t like breaking an arm or leg. Just as your hormones had to escalate to conceive and sustain a
pregnancy, now they must also ramp down—which takes some time. This makes every day different, including the swirl of emotions
compounded by grief and loss. In issue #21, meet stillbirth advocate Debbie Haine, who has walked this path many, many times in building her beautiful family. She’s now fighting for better outcomes for moms who experience pregnancy loss. Her story is on p.16.

Going through stillbirth, Debbie’s experiences were also greatly affected by how her doctors, nurses and even aides provided
care. Which is why the nursing organization that produces this magazine for you has developed “The Nursing Care Women and
Babies Deserve” (p. 14). Learn firsthand what true expert and empathetic nursing care looks like in practice—and expect it.
Our nurses answer your top questions left at Health4Mom.org on p. 27. And our own “Why Is My Provider Sending Me to the Hospital
Birth Unit?” (p. 30) is a primer for what can and may happen if you’re asked by your healthcare provider to go to the hospital for a “quick check.”

Cover to cover, we’re ready to support you from that first positive pregnancy test to beginning breastfeeding. Pour a cuppa something, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Carolyn Davis Cockey, MLS, LCCE
Editor & AWHONN Director of Publications

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