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New Safety Standards for Toddler Beds

By AWHONN Editorial Staff

New Safety Standards for Toddler Beds

CPSC Announces New Standards For Toddler Beds

Following the revised crib standards recently implemented, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has now unanimously approved a new mandatory standard to improve the safety of toddler beds. The new federal standard builds upon the current voluntary standard for toddler beds and adds additional protections to prevent injuries to children.

CPSC is aware of 122 incidents from January 1995 through December 2010, including four deaths and 43 injuries associated with toddler beds.

Cribs that convert into toddler beds also must comply with the new federal standard for toddler beds. The mandatory standard goes into effect six months after publication in the Federal Register for toddler beds manufactured or imported on or after that date.

The new federal standard requires that:

    • The upper edge of the guardrail must be at least five inches above the toddler bed’s mattress.
    • Spindle/slat strength testing for toddler beds must be consistent with the testing required for crib spindles/slats.
    • Separate warning labels to address entrapment and strangulation hazards must appear on toddler beds.

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