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Slide4 – Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash

Chafing dermatitis
This is redness you see around baby’s legs or bottom as her diaper chafes and irritates her skin. Apply ointment or zinc oxide until the redness clears up. Consider a diaper that includes emollients to protect baby’s skin. This rash should clear on its own with care. Call baby’s care provider if it continues to worsen.

Diaper erythema (irritant contact dermatitis)
Baby’s skin becomes irritated and you see red blotches and bumps in response to ingredients in products you’re using on her clothes or skin, foods she’s eating, urine or stool. Apply zinc oxide at every diaper change until this rash clears; call baby’s healthcare provider if it continues to spread despite your care.

Diaper candidiasis
This bright red rash that pops up with pinpoint bumps is actually a yeast infection and it requires treatment; time to call baby’s healthcare provider. You will typically see it in baby’s bottom area but it can also spread to the creases of his legs.

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