Ask A NurseCategory: PregnancyAm I pregnant? If so, how far?
Ladaymehrin Vampran asked 4 years ago

I had my last menstrual period on May 17th, but I spotted on May 27th. I haven’t gotten tested yet but I think it’s a possibility I could be pregnant. Maybe about 3-4 weeks. I have been having nausea symptoms and bloating. Like I said, I’ve had spotting on May 27th so I’m not sure if that’s related to my cycle or I whether I could be pregnant. When I Google the symptoms and read about implantation bleeding, it says I could be 3 or 4 weeks pregnant and my due date will be February 21st. I want to know if this is true and what I should do next.

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Catherine Ruhl, CNM, MS Staff answered 4 years ago

Based on the information you provided you could be pregnant.  Some questions to consider are:

  1. Was May 17 the first day of your last period?
  2. Was this a normal period as far as length and amount of bleeding?
  3. Were you using a hormonal birth control method that could have changed your periods or caused bleeding in between periods?

If May 17 was the first day of your period, it was normal, you weren’t using a hormonal birth control method, and you have a 28 day cycle then around Feb 21 would be your due date if you’re pregnant. May 27 could have been a date of ovulation –around 3 percent of women have spotting when they ovulate. The very best plan is to have a pregnancy test.  Then you will know for sure if you’re pregnant.  If your test is positive consult a pregnancy care provider promptly to schedule a prenatal visit.  Ask the nurse at the office about their advice during early pregnancy to stay healthy and feel your best.  Be sure to let your nurse or provider know if you’re taking any medications.