Ask A NurseCategory: Baby’s Skin CareCan I use zinc oxide to help prevent diaper rash?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Can I use zinc oxide to help prevent diaper rash?

1 Answers
Elika Roohi Staff answered 5 years ago

The short answer is yes! Experts stop short of recommending zinc oxide at each diaper change unless your baby is prone to rashes and redness. What they recommend is to apply zinc oxide cream at the first sign of redness and chafing to help prevent rash. Use it at every diaper change for as long as rash or redness is present.
Also, to help prevent diaper rash, ask yourself: Are you changing your baby’s diaper as soon as it’s wet or soiled? Are you checking your baby’s diaper shortly after each feeding? Is your baby using at least 8–12 diapers daily? If you’re doing these things and rash remains persistent, follow up with baby’s healthcare provider and explore what may be causing persistent diaper rash.