Ask A NurseCategory: DiaperingMy baby squirms through diaper changes—can it be easier?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

My baby squirms through diaper changes—can it be easier?

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Elika Roohi Staff answered 5 years ago

Just when baby is having a great time, they get whisked away for a diaper change! Parent-tested, nurse-approved top tips to make this easier for everyone include:
1. Keep a diapering station filled with all of your supplies in your most frequented rooms—this avoids the dash up or down stairs and to a different place, potentially disorienting baby
2. Stack your diapers and wipes on your “handed” side, so on your right if you’re right-handed. This gives you your dominant hand for diapering while your other hand holds baby
3. Talk or sing to your baby as you begin the diaper change; make funny sounds or noises to startle and entertain to minimize squirming. Shake a toy or blow bubbles with your lips to distract your baby
4. Place baby on a clean diaper before removing the dirty one; as you open the wet or soiled diaper, wipe from front to back, essentially folding the diaper in on itself as you clean and go
5. Remove the used diaper and, voila, the clean one awaits baby right underneath saving you precious time and extra efforts maneuvering baby’s bottom
6. Begin and end every change with a hug; baby will come to love this time of fun talking, singing, and interaction!