Ask A NurseCategory: DiaperingWhat should my baby’s poop look like?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

What should my baby’s poop look like?

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Elika Roohi Staff answered 5 years ago

When it comes to baby poo, it can be as individual as the baby and depend on what baby is eating. But a couple of factors should be consistent:
1. Babies should poop regularly, meaning if a baby goes every other day, that pattern should be followed
2. Baby’s poo should be soft—call baby’s healthcare provider if it’s ever hard, dry or flakey
3. If baby seems to struggle while trying to poop, call their healthcare provider

Baby’s first official poop looks a bit like sea slime: blackish, brownish, and green. It’s called meconium and it’s super soft and runny. As baby nurses, their poop will lighten in color during the first days of life, moving to a yellowish green from eating breastmilk. It will look mushy, often taking on the shape of baby’s bottom due to its dough-like consistency. If your baby eats formula, expect to see more brown than yellow mixed with the greenish hue.

Diarrhea can signal an allergy or an infection, especially in babies 3 months old or younger. Let baby’s healthcare provider know if you see 2 or more runny, diarrhea diapers in a row. And don’t be surprised if those diapers are more water than anything.

As you begin to give baby other foods, expect to see changes in their poop, even undigested bits of food. This shouldn’t happen regularly, though, so again, use changes baby’s poop as an indicator you need to check with the nurse at your baby’s healthcare provider.