Does Asthma Pack on Extra Pregnancy Pounds?

If you have asthma and are trying to conceive, know that asthma may put you at risk for putting on as much as 7 extra pounds during pregnancy as compared to women without asthma, researchers from the National Institutes of Health say in a study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology.

You’re also more likely to retain the extra weight for more than three months following baby’s birth.

How much weight women with asthma may gain was directly related to how severe their asthma is.

Women taking 2 daily asthma medications gained almost 6 pounds more than women who only took asthma medications periodically. Women with asthma triggered by exercise gained almost 5 pounds more than women without asthma. Researchers want to make women aware of the observed risk, which may be because women with asthma may exercise less, have their sleep disrupted more often, and experience greater inflammation overall. Researchers suggest women with asthma maintain a healthy body weight going into pregnancy, and maintain a healthy diet and activity routine to minimize the observed risks.

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