If given the choice, my baby would probably prefer a whistle in his mouth to a pacifier. He is my own 4-month old personal trainer.

When he’s fussy, he doesn’t like small jiggle moves or swinging back and forth, instead he calms down when I hold him and perform large up and down motions—like lunges and squats! So I created the Baby Bootie Camp workout to soothe baby and slim and sculpt mommy (and daddy, too!)

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6 of the Best Moves for Exercise with Baby:


1. Inner Thigh Squats

I find that when my baby cries, this is his go-to move to bring quiet and calm. Hold your baby in front of you, either by hand or in a carrier, and separate your feet in a wide plié stance, so that your knees are directly over your ankles when you bend them at 90 degrees. Toes point 45 degrees out to the sides, not directly in front of you. Stand to straighten legs for one rep. Repeat sets of 10.

2. Lunges

Separate your feet bringing the left in front and right leg behind, placing your feet in a widened stance, as if they were along a railroad track, not a tightrope, so that you have good balance with your baby. You can also hold onto a piece of furniture for added balance. Lunge forward so that your front knee aligns directly over your ankle and then rise up to straight legs again. Do 15 repetitions with this stance, and then switch legs, bringing the right leg forward, taking the left leg to the back, and repeat.

3. Calf Lifts

Give your quadriceps a break and stand with feet shoulder-width apart; babe in arms in front of you. Rise up onto the balls of your feet 20 times to work your calves and keep baby happy and moving.

4. Squat and Lunge Combo

This move requires a little coordination to complete. Combine moves 1 and 2, slowly, by performing one inner thigh squat down and up, with toes pointing 45 degrees out. Then lift your right heel and pivot on the ball of the foot, turning to face your left and perform one left lunge down and up. Pivot your foot back for another inner thigh squat. Then lift left heel and pivot on the ball of that foot to turn to your right for a right lunge, then turn back to center. That completes one full combo move. Perform 10 of these.

5. Rocking Outer Thigh

Start by standing straight, with your baby in your arms or carrier. Squat and rock your weight to your left leg. Stand up on your left leg and lift your right leg to the right with a flexed foot, noticing the contraction in the right outer thigh.

Rock back to the middle and squat low (like sitting back in a chair) and then stand on your right leg and lift the left leg outward. For added stability, hold on to a wall or piece of furniture while performing the move. Perform 20 on both sides for one set. Do 2–3 sets depending on your time and energy.

6. Patty-Cake Crunches

Lay on the floor face up, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Sit baby on your hips, facing you. Then, crunch upward using your abs to lift your shoulders and head from the floor, and touch your right hand to baby’s left hand. Repeat with your left hand touching baby’s right hand. Perform 10 reps, and 2-3 sets, or until baby gets bored.

Where, When?

There’s no need to wait for nap time to work out; exercise with baby and enjoy increased bonding with the added benefit of fitness. You can do these 6 moves at home, in the park; anywhere you have the time and space with your baby.

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