Be Careful With Baby Pain Medication

A new, less-concentrated form of the popular baby pain medication liquid acetaminophen is out on store shelves and the FDA is warning parents to read the labels and double-check the doses before administering baby pain medication. The new 160mg/5ml concentration is out in many products, while the older, more concentrated 80mg/1ml may still be in your medicine cabinet as well as on store’s shelves. Experts recommend you always get the dosing schedule from your pediatrician for infants ages 2 years and younger, and dose by weight.

In addition to this change in concentration, this product may also be packaged with an oral syringe instead of a dropper for baby pain medication.

Acetaminophen is marketed under brand names such as Tylenol, Little Fevers, Triaminic, Infant/Pain Reliever, Pedia Care, Triaminic Infants’ Syrup Fever Reducer Pain Reliever and other store brands.

To see the full FDA report, including additional information for parents and caregivers, please visit

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