Keep Yourself & Baby Safe During COVID

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are urging pregnant moms to take every precaution advised to reduce your risks of contracting COVID. “Based on what we know at this time, pregnant people are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 compared to non-pregnant people. Additionally, pregnant people with COVID-19 might be at increased risk for other adverse outcomes, such as preterm birth,” they advised. So keep yourself & Baby safe during covid.

Because you can’t eliminate the risk entirely, they advised this simple way to ensure you minimize your exposure to the virus: “The more people you interact with, and the more closely you interact with them, and the longer that interaction, the higher your risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.”

You can have peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible if you and the people you live with do the following:

Limit the number of people you each interact with and keep those interactions as short as possible

Mask up when outside your home, wash up frequently (your hands) and keep your distance (6 feet+) in all interactions

Avoid people who aren’t wearing masks and crowds of people, and events where these precautions can’t be met

Keep all of your prenatal visits and other health appointments, including follow-up care after baby’s birth; ask if telehealth is an option for any of these appointments

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Ask your healthcare providers what precautions they’re using for safety, such as can you wait in your car for your appointment? Go straight from your car into an exam room when your care provider is ready to see you? Pay your bill and schedule your next appointment online or over the phone?

Keep an extra 30-day supply of any prescriptions and other medications you need; your healthcare provider may need to contact your insurer for coverage approval

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Get a flu shot; yes, they’re safe in all trimesters of pregnancy; ask everyone else in your household to get a flu shot too

Get the whooping cough (Tdap) vaccine during pregnancy to protect both you and baby; whooping cough has similar symptoms to COVID-19

Call your pregnancy provider immediately if you think you have COVID, or if you’re experiencing sadness, feelings that overwhelm you or what you would consider depression during or after pregnancy

Follow all of this advice and keep yourself and baby safe during Covid.


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