Considering a babymoon getaway? Plan ahead with safety in mind! The best time to travel during pregnancy is between 14 and 30 weeks, when complications are less likely to occur and you may feel your best. Take a look at these transportation tips from Baylor OB/GYN expert Dr. Kelly Hodges:

  • Stretch frequently
  • Wear support hose on long flights to avoid blood clots
  • Protect your belly while moving about on a plane or boat
  • Stay hydrated and avoid sodas, which can make you feel bloated
  • Get motion-sick? Ask your healthcare provider about acceptable meds
  • Keep car trips to 6 hours or less
  • Know the nearest hospital at your destination in case of emergency

You Can Wipe Out Diaper Need

When babies don’t have enough diapers they can’t go to childcare and mom or dad can’t go to work. You can’t buy diapers with food stamps. Childcare and laundromats won’t allow cloth diapers. It’s a vicious cycle. Diaper need affects 1 in 3 families in the US. Help wipe out diaper need by joining with nurses to provide diapers or dollars-for-diapers for families right in your community as part of the Healthy Mom&Baby 2015 Wipe Out Diaper Need Drive at Organize a drive or pick up extra diapers when you’re buying school supplies and drop them off at a local bank; then tell us about your efforts online!

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