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There’s nothing more fun than a full-on, belly laugh from your giggling baby. Everything is funny to a baby, says parent-tested, baby-approved author Jack Moore.“A baby’s laughter is infectious and addictive,” says Moore in the intro to his new 97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh, (Workman, 2012). “Once you get that first little giggle, you’ll do just about anything to recreate it.”To get baby started, we’ve got a few of the 97 ways that are sure to get your little one rolling around and laughing hard.

#10 The Scamooch

What began in Italy as the Scamooch was later renamed Noogies on Saturday Night Live. Using the knuckles of your middle and index fingers, lightly press against baby’s ribs while jiggling your wrist. Just before doing so, say “Somebody’s gonna get a Scamooch!”

#54 Mirror Mirror

Babies adore looking at the most captivating face of all—their own. Hold baby facing a mirror and put a hat on your head and baby’s too. Point to baby in the mirror and say, “Look, there’s baby!” Switch hats and then switch them back again.

#79 Advanced Peek-a-Boo

Gather several of baby’s favorite people in an adjoining room. Open and close the door but each time have a different person say, “Boo!”

#85 Tongue Teasers

Stick your tongue out slowly as far as you can—no more than a quarter-inch per second. Pull tongue back at the same speed. Then repeat this motion as quickly as possible. Alternate but do NOT practice this technique on the subway, the bus or at your job.

#89 Animal Parade

Fill a large bag with baby’s stuffed animals, bring them out with great fanfare.


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