Gender reveals are another opportunity to gather with family and friends to reveal the gender of the expected baby. Sometimes, a baby’s gender is kept secret from the parents-to-be while a trusted family member or close friend plans a fun way to reveal baby’s gender as a surprise at an event.

Parents who want to be surprised by baby’s gender will be asked to close or avert their eyes from the screen during an ultrasound. The technician then seals the baby’s gender results in an envelope for the parents to pass to the host of the gender reveal event.

Plan the Gender Reveal

This event is usually smaller, more intimate than a baby shower, with the closest relatives and friends attending. Decorations and the reveal method can be as creative as you can imagine. Still, many people use the traditional blue or pink to reveal the gender. A popular alternative theme is “What Will Our Honey Bee?” featuring black and yellow.

Gender Reveal Activities

Guests can play guessing games or choose to be “team girl” or “teamboy.” Food is usually a simple menu of assorted small bites and sweets. Baby’s gender may be revealed by colored confetti inside a balloon, smoke bombs, or slicing a cake with the gender color in the middle. Party favors are also appropriate for guests as an appreciation for sharing in the special occasion.

Should Guests Bring Gifts for Baby?

It’s not expected that guest would bring gifts for the baby at this time. Most are waiting to learn the gender before purchasing items specific to a boy or a girl. Some guests may bring a small gift for the parents, especially if this is their first baby, and if the guest isn’t available to attend a baby shower. Keep this celebration small and special. However, be flexible with your expectations, because sometimes ultrasound results can be read incorrectly. Designate someone to take plenty of pictures and video. You will want to treasure these memories for the rest of your life.

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Steph Storm is an event planner, interior decorator and digital artist.

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