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You can build and sustain energy during pregnancy and most experts agree that 3 simple strategies will keep you active and energetic for a full 40 weeks; eating healthfully, staying active and incorporating rest and relaxation into each day.

Follow these strategies to tap into endless energy all the way to baby’s birthday.






Diet Exercise Rest & Relaxation
1st Trimester If you’ve had a less-than-stellar diet now’s the time to recharge your reserves with wholesome nutrition. In fact, you may find, especially during the 1st trimester, that fatty or fried foods don’t sit well with your queasy stomach. Focus on fueling your body with protein, whole grains and complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Most experts say the 1st trimester is no time to exercise strenuously or start new activity. Walking, gentle stretching and slow swimming are fine until the fetus is firmly implanted, says Dr. Virginia Beckett, editor of My Pregnancy. Popular pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears advises going LEAN to feel your best from conception to birth. LEAN stands for lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. Beginning in the 1st trimester, set your pregnancy lifestyle; strive for balance between work, relaxation and sleep, and avoid alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs that will harm both you and baby.
2nd Trimester Your growing baby needs protein to build her muscles and organs and your healthcare provider is likely to tell you to monitor and perhaps increase this powerhouse nutrient, according to The Mommy Doc’s Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. Just how much protein? Rev up your nutrition during the 2nd trimester with healthy, low-fat proteins including chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, low-mercury fishes, cheese and dairy. After 12 to 14 weeks of gentle activity, you’ll feel your energy returning in the 2nd trimester. If you’re pregnancy is progressing well, it’s safe to go back to your regular exercise routines but avoid dangerous sports or activities that put pressure on your belly or pelvis. Look for an aerobics and yoga classes specifically for pregnant women and work at no more than a moderate level. Look at pregnancy as a time to prepare you for motherhood. Determine to keep a positive attitude—this skill will not only help you adjust to the growing demands pregnancy places on your body during the 2nd trimester, it will ensure you’re ready for the flexibility that’s needed ahead when parenting begins, says Dr. Sears. Deep breathing, yoga, and meditation all replenish your mental and physical energy stores.
3rd Trimester Don’t let putting on too many pregnancy pounds zap your energy in the 3rd trimester. You only need from 150-300 extra calories a day from healthy sources to fuel baby’s development. Get those from a cup of dried fruits or 1 plain bagel, 2 scrambled eggs plus 1 slice of Swiss cheese, or yogurt with berries. As you move into the 3rd trimester, avoid exercising on your back and be aware that your center of gravity is shifting and you won’t have the same stability you had before. Many pregnant moms love water aerobics because it lifts the stress of your pregnant belly from your joints while getting a good workout in. You may struggle simply to get comfortable in the 3rd trimester, and that can deplete your energy. Short, frequent naps will top up your energy, as well as practicing the focused imagery and breathing techniques you’ve learned in childbirth education.

Thanks to T.N. Dickinson's Company for their support of this article


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