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AWHONN Nurses Help Families in Partnership with Huggies

1 in 3 families don’t have all of the diapers they need to keep their infants clean, dry and healthy. Nurses see health complications of the serious rashes and infection created by leaving wet or soiled diapers on for too long, or by drying out and reusing diapers.

The Healthy Mom&Baby Diaper Drive is nurses in hospitals and health facilities throughout the U.S. collecting diapers to give to their most vulnerable patients. Working in partnership with diaper maker Huggies (TM) and the non-profit National Diaper Bank Network, since 2015, AWHONN nurses have shared approximately 1 million diapers with families in need right in their own communities.

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Nurses’ 2023 Goal

350,000 diapers to families in need

53.73% completed

Diapers donated by Nurses so far in 2023:


Diapers donated by Nurses since 2015:


Nurses making a difference

Turning Point donated 47089 Diapers
AWHONN ID donated 34796 Diapers
AWHONN CT donated 29324 Diapers
AWHONN NY Manhattan donated 19572 Diapers
AWHONN Ohio donated 10313 Diapers

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