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Baby’s Best Bedtime Routines

Baby's Best Bedtime Routines

Every baby has its preferences when it comes to naps, feeding, playtime, and bedtime. Hey parents, one of the most important gifts you can give your baby is the benefit of a bedtime routine. We’ve got three tips to build a better routine for baby at bedtime.

Adequate sleep for a baby is essential for their development. Keeping a consistent and individualized routine for baby’s bedtime will help give your family consistency, organization, and clear bedtime expectations.

Set a Timeframe

First: Set a timeframe. You can’t spell bedtime without the word “time.” Setting a regular time to prepare for sleep creates a routine.

Choose a time that’s most convenient for your family, that meets your baby’s needs, and allows you to give your full attention to baby.

Perhaps first bathing your baby, then feeding them after their warm bath helps your little one prepare for sleep.

Silence cell phones during this time. It might take a few trial runs for you to figure out what works best for baby in terms of relaxing and self-soothing into sleep.

Prep for Bedtime

Assemble what you’ll need for baby’s routine, such as a pacifi er, soft music, or a soft blanket that comforts your baby as you rock them. If you know your baby likes to hear a bedtime story, make sure it’s within your reach as you lull baby to sleep near their crib. As baby drifts off , set out their clothes and diapers and wipes to prepare for tomorrow.

Ease into the routine; it will take time for you and your baby to adjust. This might take a few days or even a few weeks before you’ve both settled into a routine.

In the beginning you might experience resistance from baby, so continue to console your baby with the things they like to put them at ease. Resistance is normal, as time goes along your baby will get in a rhythm as you stay consistent in your practice.

Some days your routine will be completely off and that’s totally normal. Give yourself grace and know you’re doing a great job. If baby remains fussy try shifting bedtime slightly to fi nd the best time for your routine.

Know that every attempt at a bedtime routine helps with not only your baby receiving a good night’s rest but you as well. Sweet dreams to your growing family!

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