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Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Which Fertility Clinic Is Right For You

If you, your partner, or both of you have fertility problems you may be considering IVF treatment.

Take these factors into consideration when choosing a fertility clinic for IVF:

Accreditation: Are they a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)? It’s the primary organization for professionals practicing assisted reproductive technologies,

Success rates: Ask about success rates for couples with factors similar to yours.

Age limits: Some clinics won’t work with women older than 42.

Clinical practices: What are their limits or recommendations for how many embryos will be transferred in an IVF cycle?

Recommendations from friends of family members—when you start asking around you may be surprised how many people have been helped by some form of assisted reproduction.

Expense and insurance coverage: Coverage varies widely from no coverage, to partial coverage for certain procedures to full coverage, depending on your plan. Get the list of codes the clinic will use for billing before contacting your insurance company—this will help you determine exactly what will be covered.

Payment: Some clinics charge based on each individual IVF cycle, others will provide a set or unlimited number of cycles for a fee. Many offer payment plans as the costs of IVF are similar to what you would pay for a car.

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