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Designing Your Infant Nursery

Designing Your Infant Nursery

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There are endless adorable items to fulfill your vision for your baby’s nursery. We’re sharing some practical furniture pieces and accessories that should be kept in mind when decorating. Beauty, comfort,  and safety–you and your new baby can really have it all!

Choosing a Crib

Your baby’s crib is the primary furniture piece in the nursery. It needs to be sturdy and contain easily adjustable levers. A mini crib or bassinet may be perfect for small spaces. If your baby is growing fast, it’s likely best to purchase a full-size crib that can later be converted into a toddler bed. Although this option is more expensive and takes up more space in the nursery, it is a worthwhile investment for your baby’s developmental needs.

Crib Safety Measures

Crib sheets should not be fluffy. They should be tight-fitting around the mattress. Similarly, baby should be put on their back to sleep and plush toys should not be left in the crib. Otherwise, the risk of suffocation is increased. Hang the crib mobile a safe distance above baby’s reach and secure it tightly. Any artwork or picture frames hanging above or near the crib should not be within reach of the baby and the crib should not be located near a window. If you opt for a second-hand crib, check for any recalls and ensure the bed is not more than 10 years old.

A Chair for Parents Near the Crib

Countless hours will be spent feeding your baby, rocking them to sleep, reading bedtime stories, and singing lullabies. A parent’s chair is the second-most important piece of furniture in the nursery. It should be well cushioned, and comfortable with back support and armrests. Rocking or gliding chairs are excellent options. This chair delivers peace of mind when you need to stay in the baby’s room if they are restless, sick, or uncomfortable. 

Give your baby’s nursery plenty of personality keeping safety and serenity top of mind.  

Practical and Functional Items

It may be tempting to bring in lots of toys and decorative items but remember to leave room for a changing table, baby monitor, air purifier, and a play gym for tummy time. Bright lighting is great for playtime and when you are changing and dressing your baby. Use a night light in a baby-proofed outlet for coming and going from baby’s room without disturbing them. Stock up on electrical socket covers for other rooms of your home as your baby becomes more mobile. 


Choosing colors and themes you like is so much fun! Understand that some colors can be restful and others stimulating. If you have another room in your home to designate as a playroom, reserve the bright and bold colors for that area. Nursery colors should be peaceful.

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