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Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, these nutritious foods are perfect for you and your growing baby.

Pregnancy puts powerful demands on your body, and your baby needs good nutrition to develop and grow properly, say the experts at the National Institutes of Health. It’s common knowledge that antioxidants play a role in fighting disease in our body, and researchers are exploring how antioxidants may also be protective in pregnancy.

Additionally, getting good fats in your diet can help prevent low birth weight—and perhaps even lower your preterm birth risk. Put the two together and you’ve got a recipe for a powerhouse pregnancy when it comes to nutrition. You can get great nutrition at every meal. Pick a protein, add a veggie and choose a fruit for dessert—you’ll feel great knowing you’re giving your body and baby the best nutrition possible. Here are 9 powerhouse foods perfect for pairing in pregnancy. Which are your favorites? What will you choose?


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Salmon is serious pregnancy nutrition—rich in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and ALA.

Eggs are now often fortified with omega 3s, making them a great polyunsaturated fat pick.

Sunflower seed butters are a rich way to put healthy fats on your morning toast.



We’re crazy for kale, which is rich is beta-carotene and lutein essential for eye health like its cousin, spinach.

Dark greens not only make a super salad, they’re rich in iron and folate—essential pregnancy nutrients.

Fiber-rich sweet potatoes are also high in folate; their slow-burning carbs won’t bump up your blood sugars.



Blueberries have more antioxidants than more than 40 other fruits and veggies.

Black plums are antioxidant-rich say researchers at Tufts University. Dried (prunes), they double up in total antioxidants and help keep things moving smoothly in pregnancy.

Bananas bring much-needed potassium and are one of the easiest healthy fruits to eat on the go.


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