Pregnancy, when everything seems to be growing except your bank balance. Can a mama-to-be still look good on a maternity fashion budget? Absolutely!

Borrow, Don’t Buy

Mooch maternity clothes as your friends likely could only wear them for a couple of months. They may even be as good as new.

Host a clothes swap party; your friends’ regular clothes could still come in handy: Cardigans and jackets worn unbuttoned, flowing dresses and long classic t-shirts.

Failing that, your partner’s clothes could fit you, particularly his button-down shirts. You may want to ask first, though!

If you have any special events to go to in pregnancy, you don’t have to buy an expensive dress you will only fit into once. Instead, rent something absolutely fabulous from companies such as, and

Add Extras

As your maternity wardrobe will naturally have fewer options than your regular clothes, now is the time to make the most of accessories.

Embrace colorful scarves, chunky necklaces and pretty handbags to bring vibrancy and diversity to your outfits. In pregnancy, one minute you’re hot, the next you’re cold, so dress in layers to add and subtract as the hormones mess with your thermostat; e.g. wrap dress over leggings, with a chunky cardigan and bright scarf.

Embrace your bump

You don’t need to hide in a smock or muumuu. In fact, it’s only for the first few months that you may want to wear looser clothing, when your tummy is not yet a definite bump and you may not be sharing your happy news yet. These looser clothes will double as great post-birth outfits.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, so once you are obviously showing, don’t be afraid to wear bump-hugging dresses and show everyone you are one hot mamma-to-be!

Pick a Color

In summer, reflect the season and keep cool in light and bright colors. If you’re feeling a bit frumpy, go monochromatic: Sticking to 1 color is slimming.

Get Essentials

There are some things you will have to buy, starting with a few good bras. Just don’t forget nursing pads; your breasts can leak colostrum before baby even arrives, so be prepared.

Your feet may swell to be a whole size larger, so you may need some new shoes, too, particularly for the third trimester. When buying, remember you won’t want to struggle with straps or laces; go for slip-ons, mules or flip flops!


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