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So much for reticence. Unlike the British, we Americans don’t hesitate to rush to Jo Frost—aka Supernanny—with our questions and pleas for domestic peace.   For 25 years, Jo has been rescuing us from our inefficient childrearing ways     with an SOS of her own. “It’s been a beautiful journey here in America with respect to having much love and support from

As a designated spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and an infant and child health advocate, Dr. Alanna Levine is a working mom who understands parents need solutions to the toughest baby challenges. And what could be more messy or difficult than dealing with colic, gas and reflux.Nothing strikes fear in a parent faster than colic—what causes it? No one knows. Sometimes it’s confused for gas or reflux. Some experts suggest these babies ha

Actress Amanda Peet and her husband wanted to make an informed decision about vaccinating their first child.“When it was time for our daughter’s immunizations we wanted the facts,” says Peet in a video at VacinateYourBaby.org. “So we carefully researched vaccines. We spoke with doctors and other experts and asked them tough questions. We decided that vaccines were the best thing for our child.”Peet, who just gave birth to a second daughter in April, says she volunteered to

If a good bra is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of breastfeeding support, read on. Sure, you need the right nursing gear to avoid shoulder aches or ligament strain while feeding your little one. But don’t forget about getting information and the personal contact from experts and other nursing moms during this important time. Get Your Questions Answered During pregnancy, write down your breastfeeding questions—even “silly” ones—and take the

If you’ve spent any time watching the Food Network you know celebrity chef Melissa d’Arabian and the promise of her show, Ten Dollar Dinners: “4 people, 10 bucks, infinite possibilities.” Well, she has another promise: 2 fish, twice a week, infinite health benefits. As a life-long fish lover and mother of four, Melissa was surprised to learn that Americans don’t even begin to come close to eating the minimum recommended 2 servings a week of fish. “I have always been

To call her a pioneer is an understatement. At a time when more women are delaying childbearing for their careers, Alice “Ali” D. Domar, PhD, is helping us see you can’t always “have it all” without paying an emotional or physical toll - especially if you want to start a family. As the founder and executive director of the first mind/body center for women’s health, and assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical Sch

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