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As a nurse, I am all about prevention. The latest safe infant sleep recommendations are based on what experts have learned and are known risk-factors for sleep-related infant deaths. As a mom, I also get the need for sleep.During my second pregnancy, I worked full time, chased around a two-year-old, and developed insomnia! Prior to going into labor, I was exhausted. I went home with my newborn even more exhausted, and I stayed that way for a long time. I understand the desperate need for sle

Safe Infant Sleep  Did you know experts worldwide think most Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other infant sleep-related deaths are preventable? Here in the U.S. we have one of the highest rates, with nearly 3,700 deaths a year—that’s an average of 10 babies a day!More than 20 years of SIDS research shows there many practical things parents and other caregivers can do to help prevent these deaths. One of the most

Here’s a story worth repeating: William was six weeks old when Grandma first offered to give us a date night’ away from baby. Dinner and a movie. Since she would spend the night, there was no reason for us to rush. She gently offered again at eight weeks and this time my husband insisted. We had to leave our little newborn sometime, he explained, and I was approaching the end of my 12-week maternity leave. Grandma was a wonderful woman and had raised a wonderful son. We couldn

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