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Shequita Hamler asked 4 years ago

I am currently 28 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Yesterday in the early afternoon, I slipped getting out of the shower and landed hard on my back. Now, I have pelvic and back pain. When should I go to the doctor’s office/emergency room?

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Catherine Ruhl, CNM, MS Staff answered 4 years ago

After any fall, whether you hit your pregnant belly or not, you should always call your pregnancy care provider right away.  If you can’t reach them, go to the emergency care area of the hospital where you plan to give birth to have them check you and your baby. The reason for being checked is to make sure everything is OK.  Sometimes a fall, whether on your back, your bottom, or if you hit your belly, can cause a problem for your placenta.  If the placenta has a problem it could affect how much blood gets to the baby and this can be an emergency.  The first hours after a fall are the recommended time to be checked out but even if some hours or a few days have gone by it’s still important to call your provider or go to the hospital.