Ask A NurseCategory: DiaperingHow can I ensure my baby knows how much I love and care for them during every diaper change?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

How can I ensure my baby knows how much I love and care for them during every diaper change?

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Elika Roohi Staff answered 5 years ago

You have everything you need to make a love connection with your little one. Did you know that your bond has protective powers? Your hugs, cuddles, soothing voice, touch and interaction have positive effects including enhancing baby’s overall physical growth and development. When you’re relaxed and engaged, your baby feels connected and your bond grows stronger through your confidence and closeness.

During diapering, you have the ability to create a sense of calm and happiness as you gaze into your baby’s eyes; make that emotional connection. Babies love to look at and interact with others. Research tells us they quickly recognize and enjoy seeing family members, particularly their parents. Babies feel and trust your love and care through your soft voice, gentle touch and slow and careful movements. Sweetly talk or sing to baby. Baby loves your smell and is reassured by your presence. Resting one hand on baby during diapering is a safety measure but also a reassuring touch, especially if baby should startle or move suddenly.

Your gentle care during diapering reassures and calms your baby, and creates comfort during diapering. Hold eye contact and notice what your baby enjoys. Your focused attention and touch are what baby needs to flourish and thrive, so don’t forget to begin and end each diaper change with a hug! If there are medical reasons preventing you from holding your baby, ask your nurses to help you “hand hug” your baby, which feels like a hug when you gently place one hand on baby’s head and the other on their tummy, or put your hands on either side of baby, or above and below their feet. The goal is to help baby feel hugged by your warmth and touch. Your mindfulness and tender care instills a sense of peaceful intent to your little one. In our hurried world, take the time to be good to yourself and your baby by approaching diapering in a mindful, caring way.