Ask A NurseCategory: ParentingWhy do I need to bond with my baby?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Why do I need to bond with my baby?

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Elika Roohi Staff answered 5 years ago

A sense of confident closeness develops between a baby and their parent or caregiver when a strong bond forms. Baby learns to trust you to meet their needs, and your parenting confidence increases when you trust yourself to provide for baby’s physical and emotional needs.

Even more importantly, this sense of trust and closeness with your baby sets the stage for a lifetime of positive emotional health and a strong general sense of well-being for your baby. Wow, what a gift bonding brings to you both!

Create this bond the same way your nurses did with your infant in the hospital: Begin each interaction with a calm, gentle and purposeful touch—such as a hug! When every diaper change begins and ends with a hug, you’re doing more than just protecting your baby’s precious bottom; you’re making a love connection that stimulates baby’s growth and attachment. As baby increasingly trusts your care, your own confidence increases as a parent—further strengthening your family bond.