Being pregnant and giving birth during COVID-19 is stressful and scary! Giving birth in normal times still has its share of surprises and anxiety. If you’re staying up late searching concerns on your mobile, please know  you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel anxious about how you will complete pregnancy and meet your new baby.

To help you prepare for those first real labor contractions, we asked four leading nurses, all of whom are members of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), for their best advice for your birth journey ahead. Their expertise is featured on the Scary Mommy Speaks podcast.

So,  pour a cup of tea or make some cool lemonade, sit back, sip and relax a little, while they address your concerns and share their best tips and advice with you and millions of other moms just like you with our friends at Scary Mommy:

Scary Mommy Podcast

 Pregancy in the New Normal

This episode features a one-on-one with certified nurse midwife and AWHONN member Paris Maloof-Bury about what to expect during pregnancy in uncertain times. And, a feel good story about how a new mom received support from her circle when her baby shower was cancelled.

  Having a Baby in Uncertain Times

On this episode, Keri and Ashley are joined by System Clinical Nurse Specialist, LaShea Wattie Haynes, an AWHONN member, who can answer all of our questions about labor and delivery during these uncertain times. We’re also joined by a couple on a mission: to make it home with their new baby in time for their older daughter’s third birthday. You don’t want to miss this heartwarming dose of Helping Hugs!

  Coping With Fear & Anxiety

This week, Keri and Ashley are joined by AWHONN member, Dr. Heidi Fantasia. Dr. Fantasia will be discussing how to care for our mental health during these uncertain times. We’ve also got an inspiring story about how one Scary Mommy has stayed connected to her mental health hero.

  Cabin Fever and Working Moms

On this episode Keri and Ashley are joined by Nurse Nancy Travis, who has been delivering babies for more than 40 years! An AWHONN member and grandmother of 14, Nancy is helps us navigate the many new roles we’ve been tasked with while trying to work from home. We’ve also got an encouraging story from Scary Mommy Kassandra, which gives new meaning to the phrase, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

AWHONN thanks our partner Huggies for their support of this Scary Mommy Podcast series!




Carolyn Davis Cockey, MLS, LCCE, is founding editor of Healthy Mom&Baby, Senior Director of Partnerships & Publications at AWHONN, and a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator in Sarasota, FL.

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