Your Baby Bath & Rash Questions Answered!

Soft and sweet, your baby’s skin is truly amazing. Take care of that sensitive layer with parenting tips and tutorials in our Newborn Skin Care Zone at

  • How often should you bathe your baby?
  • Can you diaper to prevent rash?
  • What’s that breaking out all over my baby’s skin?

Find articles on bathing, diapering, sun protection and everyday protection; test your skin care knowledge; and share your preferences in our polls.

Unexplainable rash? Use our Visual Guide to Common Rashes in Babies and discover what might be ailing your little one. For any other quandaries, Ask Our Nurses! You can even download PDFs of our Parent Pages to keep info right at your fingertips. Get it all online at

Do you Drone Parent?

Gone are the days of latchkey kids and limited supervision; now most parents keep their kiddos on a tighter watch. Drone parenting is pushing aside the popular helicopter parenting, thanks to new technologies, says parenting expert Stacy Debroff. Drone parenting allows you to still keep close tabs on youngsters but out of sight and ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

It may have started with night vision baby monitoring, but a whole new host of gadgets to help you up your parenting debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show—all of which have accompanying smartphone apps:

  • Pacif-i: pacifier measures temperature and features location tracker
  • Grush: Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush turns dental care into game and tracks brushing habits
  • Owlet: baby bootie measures baby’s vital signs including breathing and pulse oximetry
  • SleepIQ Kids: mattress monitors breathing, heart rate and tells parents if a child is out of bed; also features a monster detector and underbed light

Can Naps Harm More Than Help?

Little ones age 2 years and older may not benefit from naps, say researchers. They reviewed studies related to napping in children age 5 and younger, looking at nighttime sleep patterns. Children who napped during the day fell asleep later, had a poorer quality of sleep and got less sleep overall.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your kiddo has to give up a mid-day snooze session: “Parents shouldn’t impose a daily nap on preschoolers who don’t seem to need or benefit from it,” says Andrew Adesman, chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York.

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