Tia Mowry has a robust resume, from TV shows and movies to an all-natural product line for moms and a memoir about motherhood. Amidst it all, this motivated mommy manages to maintain a healthy household for herself, husband Cory Hardict, and 3-year-old son, Cree.

“Health is a huge part of my life, and it became really important to me prior to having my son,’ Tia says. “I’d already had 2 surgeries for endometriosis, and I definitely wanted to have a child. My doctor told me if I wanted a baby and didn’t want to have another surgery, I was going to have to make some changes.”

Tia focused on changing her eating habits and taking better care of herself with a diet of nutritious eats. “I got pregnant almost immediately, and one of the first people I called was that doctor,” she laughs.

Fresh Eats

After seeing what an impact good-for-you foods made, Tia put those basic eating principles into practice for her family. “Everything we eat is fresh, organic… nothing processed or artificial,” she says.
Tia also makes it a point to get moving at least 3 times a week. “I have a yoga DVD that I love,” she says. “I also enjoy cycling and dance cardio.” Cree follows his mama’s good example. “He has a habit of walking around the block every day, like clockwork, at 5pm,” she adds proudly. “Going to the park to run and play is a favorite activity, too.”

Tia percolates passion for her motherhood role on TV from life with Cree: “One of the things I love most about being a mom is just seeing my child blossom and grow into this cute little human being! You get to experience life from the beginning, from conception to watching your belly grow and feeling that first kick… and then all of a sudden, you have this beautiful baby coming into the world.”

Shot for Health

As proactive as Tia is about protecting her family, she knows the best defense is a good offense—which is why the flu shot is a major part of her annual routine.

“I always got it as a child, but it sort of fell to the wayside as I got older,” Tia admits. “But after I became a mom and read more about the effects and consequences the flu can impose on your family, I realized how necessary it was to get vaccinated. A lot of people think it’s just a bad cold, but it’s so much worse—especially for children.”

She’s also adamant about regular hand washing and keeps hand sanitizer around for on-the-go germ fighting.

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Beyond Baby Blues

In addition to maintaining a nutritious diet, getting regular exercise, and staving off germs, Tia emphasizes how essential it is to really take care of you—not just physically but mentally as well. Experiencing the baby blues after giving birth really threw Tia for a loop.
“Becoming a mom is a huge adjustment,” she says. “Know that there are going to be more highs than lows. Children teach you so much; they show you what your strengths and weaknesses are. I never knew how much patience I had until I had a child. And while you want to be the best mom you can possibly be, you are still human. You’re going to make mistakes; remember to forgive yourself.”

Tia’s Tips for a Healthy Happy Life

Fill up on fresh foods: “One of my New Year’s resolutions was to have a garden, and it’s been fun to build and work on with my son.”
Love what you do: “You won’t find me in the gym pumping iron! By finding things I actually like doing, I’ve been able to keep it up.”
Make yourself a priority: “Keep sight of your own goals and aspirations, and don’t be afraid or feel guilty to take time for you.”

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